Dave Davidson | Deburring/Finishing Specialist | SME Technical Community Advisor
For information on Free sample part finishing contact: dryfinish@gmail.com
See also:  http://dryfinish.wordpress.com  and http://about.me/dave.davidson

Although more well known for deburring and finishing applications on metal parts, mass finishing techniques can also be used to enhance surfaces and produce edge contour on a variety of different plastic components. Some examples are shown below:


Two-step centrifugal finishing (1) abrasive smoothing (2) final dry polishing.  As centrifugal typically has four barrel compartments these processes could be run concurrently.
These composite fabric parts were smoothed using centrifugal processing that made use of abrasive resin performs and the final smoothed with dry polishing media


Two-step finishing and polishing method with centrifugal isofinishing


These parts were finished in a two-step centrifugal method.  Smoothing was done with fine abrasive resin preforms and then final polishing was accomplished with dry granular polishing media.



acrylic-chrome-combo2-descriptionacrylic-chrome combo - - w lettering


Deburring (deflashing) and smoothing of thermoplastic materials can also be accomplished with high-energy centrifugal isotropic finishing systems


Deflashing, Deburring and smoothing in high-speed isofinishing equipment

Other applications include:

Centrifugal Isofinishing 3Centrifugal Isofinishing GreenIsotropic 3Centrifugal Iso-Finishing 6Centrifugal Iso-Finishing 5Centrifugal Iso-Finishing 3Isotropic Micro-Finishing 2

Centrifugal isofinishing Equipment is pictured below:



Isotropic Finishing and polishing can be performed in centrifugal barrel finishing equipment such as this 4-barrel Model HZ-60 machine.

For more information on this type of finishing and polishing process see the information at:  https://dryfinish.wordpress.com/2017/02/23/centrifugal-isotropic-finishing-operations-on-precision-parts-video/



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