Contributing Editor:  Dave Davidson, Deburring/Finishing Technologist | 509.230.6821 | |

Davidson vcf card as a graphicIf you have parts that need edge or surface finishing improvement and would like to have FREE sample part processing and a quotation developed for finishing the parts please contact Dave Davidson at    I can also be reached at 509.230.6821. Information about equipment for bringing Centrifugal Iso-Finishing capability to your facility is also available…

Centrifugal isotropic Finishing for parts produced by Laser, Water-jet Cutting & Stamping

The part volume, material type, accuracy, edge condition requirements and overall cost will dictate what type of processing is most effective in each situation. Whether the parts are laser cut, water-jet cut or stamped, some degree of edge finishing is usually required. Parts may require simple burr removal to allow them to enter the next phase of production. Other parts may require complete polishing to meet end-user or consumer aesthetic criteria.

High energy finishing methods can help manufacturers and contract manufacturers to find the proper balance between cost effective production and secondary processing to deliver the quality parts customers and end-users require. We have the equipment and expertise needed to ensure seamless delivery of high quality finished parts.

Shown below is a variety of various parts types that have been finished with this high energy isotropic method.

The parts have been finished with high-energy isotropic finishing to produce edge contour and smooth surface conditions rapidly.  See an example of the equipment used below.


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