37 things you can do with Mass Media Finishing (Centrifugal Barrel or Vibratory Finishing) Equipment

Most people think of mass finishing as being for simple deburring of parts in bulk with an automated method. These processes actually have many more uses that add value to parts

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Above: Isotropic Micro-Finishing Photography by Mark Riley, BV Products
Dave Davidson – Deburring/Finishing Specialist
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The applications list shown below was compiled by a major OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of finishing equipment. As you can see by examining some of the commercial applications listed, a lot more goes on here than just simple deburring. These applications say as much about the ingenuity of the people who developed them as it does about the versatility of the processes themselves.

1.  Deburring and radiusing of machined steel components.
2.  Deflashing zinc, aluminum or magnesium die castings.
3.  Deburring and edge-contour of powdered (sintered) metal parts
4.  Deburring of any punched, sheared, or formed (bent) metal

(see an example of centrifugal barrel finishing in the video below)

5.  Washing oil off of screw machine parts.  or  dry processing of…

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