Centrifugal Isotropic Finishing for Firearm Manufacturers

Similar in some respects to barrel finishing, in that a drum-type container is partially filled with media and set in motion to create a sliding action of the contents, CBF is different from other finishing methods in some significant ways. Among these are the high pressures developed in terms of media contact with parts, the unique sliding action induced by rotational and centrifugal forces, and accelerated abrading or finishing action. As is true with other high energy processes, because time cycles are much abbreviated, surface finishes can be developed in minutes, which might tie up conventional equipment for many hours.

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Above: Feature Photo credit: M. Klein, Isofinishing
For additional information or sample processing information contact:
by Dave Davidson – Deburring/Finishing Specialist
SME Manufacturing C248 – Spokane, Washington

Advisor: Machining/Material Removal Technical Community 
dryfinish@gmail.com  |  509.230.6821

Firearm Finishing for Manufacturers

Since the discovery of gunpowder, people have been designing and building all makes and models of firearms. What started out as a simple means of igniting the powder to propel the projectile through the barrel has evolved into a set of high precision set of manufactured firearm components. The improved fit and finish has allowed for the increased reliability and performance of today’s precision firearm components and overall finished product.

The firearms industry is in a continual flux of change and improvement. Some of the ongoing updates include the incorporation of exotic alloys, new means of…

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