Feature Photo above: Isotropic Micro-Finishing Photography by Mark Riley, BV Products

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Huib Glerum

Huib Glerum

Sorry for my probably stupid question, but what are the benefits of a polished crankshaft?

Dave Davidson

Dave Davidson

Huib: Yours is not a stupid question at all. This type of work is very common in the high-performance racing engine industry. This type of processing is performed to improve performance and extend life. WIKIPEDIA gives the short list of the advantages: Advantages of superfinishing include: increasing part life, decreasing wear, closer tolerances, higher load bearing surfaces, better sealing capabilities, and elimination of the break in period.[1] A colleague of mine, Jack Clark, used this method on race engines on Formula One like cars to extend their life from several races to an entire season. This effect can be easily created with centrifugal isotropic finishing. SEE: https://dryfinish.wordpress.com/2017/02/23/centrifugal-isotropic-finishing-operations-on-precision-parts-video/ This method also has strong application in the aerospace, medical and other industries where wear resistance and fatigue resistance are important considerations. SEE also: https://about.me/dave.davidson

Centrifugal Isotropic Finishing Machine for developing highly polished, super-finishes and isotropic micro-finishes on precision parts in the aerospace, automotive, medical and other precision part industries.

ABOVE:  examples of Isotropic Micro-Finishing of high-performance race engine components for improved performance and service life. [Photos by Mark Riley, BV Products] Click on photo to enlarge to full size.

Examples of parts that have been edge and surface finished with centrifugal isotropic finishing. Click on photo to enlarge  [NOTE:  These are typically hands-free automated processes with very fine surface finishes possible.


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