HZ-12 Centrifugal Finishing Machine, A New Standard in High-Speed Compact Finishing Equipment. Ideal for fine finishing of small parts

Above:  HZ-12 Centrifugal Isotropic Finishing Machine

Reduce Labor.  Many hand operations can now be efficiently and economically processed. Consistent and repeatable results.  This machine can allow you to fine tune your process for the best possible result – every time.

How it works.  Centrifugal barrel machines work on the ferris wheel principle, with barrels mounted on the periphery of a rotating turret, while the barrel rotates in the opposite direction.  The combined high-speed rotation and counter-rotation accelerate the cycle times needed to deburr and produce quality surface finishes.  With these models, four barrels are mounted at the periphery of a larger turret.  Each barrel is then loaded to approximately 50 -80% full with finishing media and parts, and water (for abrasive wet processes).  During operation, rotation of the turret creates forces on the media and parts in the barrel which makes this process up to thirty times faster than processes run in a conventional barrel or vibratory finishing equipment system.

Total Volume:   12 Liters
Barrel Dimensions: (id)  5″ dia. x 8.375″ L
Overall Dimensions:  29″L x 32″W x 29″H
Weight:  500 lbs.
Motor:  1 HP
Voltage:  110 Volts
Features:  Variable Speed Drive, 80-250 RPM,
Lightweight Barrels (12 lbs.)
RPM Meter, Digital timer,
Dual Jog Buttons. Fused Disconnect

Our process engineering team has applied years of experience to providing finishing solutions to the jewelry, dental, automotive, aerospace, screw machining and Swiss turning and tooling edge prep industries.  We are the small part finishing experts.


Dave Davidson |dryfinish@gmail.com | 509.230.6821 | http://dryfinish.wordpress.com

220 and 12 cbfAbove: Shown on the right is a Model HZ-12 Centrifugal Isotropic Finishing Machine.  This compact finishing machine is ideal for small part finishing and for plants with restricted floor space.  Powered by a single phase 110 volt motor, it can be easily moved from with its optional roller stand from place to place in your plant as needed.  This machine represents a new breakthrough in centrifugal barrel finishing.  With its compact size the HZ-12 is ideally suited for applications requiring the same speed, intensity, and efficiency of the larger HZ series machines.

Front view with the protective hood opened. – HZ-12 centrifugal finishing machine.

Below:  Small Part finishing gallery:  (Click on image to enlarge)









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