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For information about the Turbo-Finish deburring and finishing technology contact:
Dr. Michael Massarsky | Turbo-Finish Corp. |917.518.2015 |

TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.  The technology is currently used in the United States to deburr and contour the edges of complex parts and to create isotropic surface finishes essential in finishing many complex parts.  Unlike single-point-of-contact machining technologies the technology is relatively simple to control once process parameters for a given part have been developed, and thus enjoys the attributes of reliability and repeatability of simpler mechanical (vs. digital feedback) technologies. However, It accomplishes uniform results on very complex parts that often cannot be achieved reliably by other much more complex processes.   The technology involves developing a fluidized bed of media in which the part to be processed is partially immersed while being rotated.  A wide variety of differing results may be achieved by varying the process parameters (media, process time, rotational speed etc.).  Process results can be closely controlled and are programmable, and are totally repeatable, providing unequaled process quality control.  The process is dry, and involves no chemicals or environmentally unfriendly materials. There are a number of other applications for this technology, which are not yet introduced into the United States.  The process has been shown to minimize hand-deburring operations, parts are deburred and finished rapidly, typically in time cycles of only a few minutes.  Contact Dr. Massarsky for additional information.   

Photo above:  Turbo-Finish Model TF-522 for processing rotating
components up to 20 inches (500mm) in diameter  Turbo-Finish Before and after 2

Turbo-Finish Before and After 3
Turbo-Finish process Lab
Before Compressor Disk PictureAfter Compressor Disk Picture

Turbo-Finish Before and After comparison of aerospace engine disc features. These features have been deburred and isotropically finished with the Turbo-Finish High-Speed Finishing Process.




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